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2 Commission Slots- Special Offer!

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Anti-Rape Boosh!
I wanted to wait until June to open up commission slots, but money is a bit on the tight side. Therefore, I am opeing 2 commission slots!​

BUT WAIT! If your order is $10+ you will recieve a *FREE* sketch! Please visit my website for commission information, options, and prices. If you do not see something there that you would be interested in, do not hesitate to ask!​

Click on the paw for my gallery <3​

If interested in commissioning me, please fill out the following form and e-mail it to me at foreverafter_art[at]hotmail.com​

User Name:
Contact: (Best way to contact you)
Medium: (Digital/Traditional)
Type of Art: (catagory of art you would like)
Quantity: (number of this specific commission type. If wanting another type, please fill out another form)
References: (links or attatch files to e-mail)
Description: (describe what you would like)
Additional Info: (whatever you would like to add)​

I accept paypal only.​

1. Boggins - Colored Line Art + FREE sketch
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