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Cuddly Nightlight
Hey everyone, Decided to sell 2 of my lions since i dont feel connected to them anymore and dont want them to collect dust, So i offer them to a new home where they can be put to more and better use^^

Baku: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/47627990/ 60 dollar or euro. 6 artworks in total
Zalika: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/47628263/ 20 dollar or euro. 3 artworks in total
Some of the artworks are here, Others in the links since NSFW imagery is not allowed here, I compiled all respective artworks in collages so you can see all my characters have to offer^^


- You can make changes, like add piercings, tattoos, scars, Do what you want with them^^
- No need to credit me for anything, They're all yours
- PayPal only.
- I send invoices.
- You have 48 hours to send the payment, if you don't, I will cancel your purchase and resell the adopt.
- After payment ill sent you all files via email. So please provide it so i can send them to you


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