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(Commission) Selling: ($15+) [$20-$25] Anthro/Feral Spooky Neopets Paintbrush/Custom Halloween Themed Chibis!


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Hello everyone! With spooky season approaching, I figured now is a good time to look into season-appropriate commissions!

spooky themed neopets oc paintbrush.png

Neopets Paintbrush Themed Chibis [$20]:

These chibis will be based on specific Neopets paintbrush colors!
The colors currently offered are:
Halloween - TAKEN
Wraith - OPEN!
Zombie - OPEN!
The commissioner will get input on the posing/design details of each chibi, but must stay within the theme!

Halloween/Fall/General Chibis [$25+]:

Want a chibi but not really digging the themes above? No problem!
I can do custom Halloween/Fall/General chibis for whatever you're looking for~
Extra characters +$15 if wanted!
Shading +$3 if desired!

viv chibi.png
aidan chibi.png


Payment is made via PayPal invoice sent through email

You can find me...
email: thenightmarecow@gmail.com
FA: NightmarishCow
discord: Vivian V.#8526

...or simply reply here!​
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