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Hiring: ($20-$25)looking for telegram stickers

Asher Grey

Probably Sleeping
I do stickers! I can do a pack of 8 stickers for a base price of $25(usally $32), though I do charge an extra fee for full-body stickers, multiple characters, and explicit nsfw(it doesn't make me uncomfortable, just takes a lot longer to draw).

You can see my sfw example pack here, though it hasn't been updated in a while: Add sticker set Grey's Examples Pack on Telegram

Let me know if you're interested! I can also send files over telegram itself, which makes them easier to add to packs.


I can do some stickers for you! My prices are $5 per sticker, I can do 6 for $25 though! Here's some references of my past stickers I've done:

sticker commish_4.png
sticker commish_5.png

If you want to commission me, you can email me at sageleaf98@gmail.com OR message me here! Thank you!