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(Adopt/Character) Selling: $20 Character Packages! Shark and Snake Looking for New Home


Queen of Laziness
Hello, frens!

I'm not here to purchase this time, I'm looking to sell two characters! After adopting and creating them, I turned out not to be very connected to them, so I'm looking to hand them off to a new owner for very cheap! They're $20 each, both coming with two pieces of artwork! All the details are in the links below:

First up, here's Shaun the Shark:
Shaun Icon Sellable.png

Here's Bryn the Ball Python!:
Bryn Adopt Sellable.jpg

If you'd like to purchase these characters, please DM me here or leave me a note on the main site! The unedited files will be sent to you via email once paid for. :)