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$20 colored fullbody commissions!

Dr. Virus

Volatile Contagion
Hello! I'm branching out into a new style and offering commissions for $20!

Here are the examples!

1. Payment must be received in full before any work begins
2. I reserve the right to refuse a commission for any reason
3. I reserve the right to cancel a commission due to rude or inappropriate behavior or poor communication
4. cancelled commissions will be refunded minus the cost of any work already completed
5. I will not provide refunds for completed work
6. I retain ALL rights to my art; client may not alter or resell any works
7. client may repost watermarked versions only to their personal gallery or website after receiving my permission
8. client may crop a finished artwork for personal use, such as icons, with proper credit listed
9. Sending payment confirms you have read and agree to these terms

-ferals, anthros, humans, monsters, etc.
-flirty poses
-Barbie-doll nudity
-light blood/violence

-anything NSFW
-any fetish material
-licensed characters

Paypal only
Please send a Note/PM with the following format:

Commission Type: icon, sketch, colored sketch, or flat
Reference Images: links to character images
Desired Pose/Expression: short description of body pose and facial expression
Extra Info: any extra details or instructions I should be aware of

Thanks for looking!
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