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[$20] Commissions - Thecrazydragon


Canadian Dragon
Hi all!

I'm opening up for impromptu commissions this weekend! I had plans but they were cancelled so I have free time on my hands.

This is what i'm offering:
- Sketches Only
- Waist Up - $20
- Fullbody - $30

* Price is USD
* Payment expected upon completion, any small revisions can be arranged after.
* These will be completed by this Sunday, end of day. Please do not submit a commission request if you cannot pay.
* Anthro or quadrupeds accepted.
* Limiting to one character per piece - No intricate outfits - Simple props allowed.
* If you wish to take the illustration further (ie. inked or coloured), we can arrange that after completion.

For multiple requests, submit a new request per character.
Commission Form- Please select sketch and let me know if you want waist up or fullbody in the details, otherwise I will pick.

Form will close this Saturday/02.05

★★ Also, I HAVE STICKERS. ★★
Not something i'm creating full time, but I have a handful available for commissioners which can be selected in my commission form.






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