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(Base/YCH) Selling: $20 YCH headshots w/ name!


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Howdy! So I'm currently doing a YCH with three slots for $20 USD.

Brief info:
-it can be used as a badge!
-comes with a transparent background
-final image will be in 880 x 1070 resolution
-will be fully colored and shaded
-i can change the ears and muzzle to how you see fit, but i won't make too much of a drastic change
-name colors can be chosen!
-depending on the complexity of the character, the price may rise, so be aware!
-you're allowed to select flat colors/no shading and such too! if you select flat colors only, your ych will be done a lot quicker and with more stylized lineart!

If you want to buy one, please leave a comment on the fA post here and I'll note you a form to fill out!

Current examples (1 ex.):