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Hi! I'm Chris, or Dunspork. Here are my prices.
I will draw: furries (feral/anthro), ponies, fanart, gore, slight nsfw
I will not draw: graphic sexual content, hate art, fetish art
I have the right to say no to any commission, but you can always ask if you aren't sure.
i only accept USD
lineart + color: $5
+shading: $7
+background: $8
+another character: $12

Full Body (feral):
lineart + color: $10
+shading: $15
+background: $20
+another character: $30

Full Body (anthro/human):
lineart: $15
+color: $20
+shading: $35
+background: $45
+another character: $65

Pixel Pagedoll/Sprite:
lineart + color: $15
+shading: $18
headshot: $10

lineart + color: $5
lineart + color + shading: $7

Etc. :
cartoon headshot: $7

If you're interested, please email me at murcrowe@gmail.com or DM me on another social media.
I'm Dunspork on: tumbler, twitter, instagram, furaffinity and furry amino.
I'm most likely to respond through email or twitter.
Thanks for checking my art out!!