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25€ Chibi Paintings (4 slots open!)


New Member
I'm now accepting commissions for digital chibi-styled paintings!
There are 4 slots available!

I will draw
-Anthros (no species restriction)
-Ferals (no species restriction)
-I'm also okay with a little nsfw or nudity

I will not draw
-SUPER complicated designs

To claim a slot cou can either leave a comment below or contact me directly with a PM! Your message should include how many slots you want to claim, what characters you would like to have drawn and at best also provide reference pictures! I can also work with descriptions, but I will work faster when working with some sort of reference.

After I've gathered all required information, I'll start working on a rough sketch. You can request changes while I'm still sketching and I'll keep you up to date with the drawing progress until you like the sketch. I will then give you my PayPal E-Mail and wait for your payment. I won't keep working on your Commission until I've received the payment. After everything is settled, your Commission will be finished!
You can still request small changes after you sent the payment- but small ones only. (like different expression or different colored clothes)

Unless requested otherwise, all finished pieces will have a transparent background. If desired, I can add a simple background to the drawing.

Each piece will take about 2-3 days to be finished.