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Commission Me
I accept Payments through my paypal portal

$25 Quick Commissions:
  • per character
  • tips are totally welcome
  • finished in one day (mon-fri)
  • full body + color

To see more of my art please visit my Instagram , DeviantArt ,or Tumblr

  • I will draw about any request, non-furry, baby-fur, nsfw, couples, etc.
  • I also make gifs/animations, and the price varies.
  • I offer detailed commissions for higher prices- good for people who want more control over the end product.
  • Transparent backgrounds are free, all you have to do is ask.
  • If you need to contact me outside of fur-affinity please email me at erinpuppy24@gmail.com

Thanks for reading, I hope you commission me soon.
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Commission Me
Do you perhaps do couple ovo?
Yes, of course!
I can do couple arts for as low as $10
Or as high as $60 if you want a very specific style and other things that take longer.
I do take tips, so if you want to buy the $10 commission and then decided if you want to pay more afterwards, that works well for most people.
Your icon is precious by the way! I need to raise one of those Pokemon eventually


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You know what? Time to commission!

Will hit you up with a PM in a sec.


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