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$25 Full Body, Flat Color


Hey guys!

I am offering Full Body, Flat colored images for $25 (complex characters are subjected to a higher price, and i may offer upgrades in the future to shaded pieces), but i do have a few rules:

-Paypal or debit (via paypal invoicing) only
-SFW only (though tasteful nudity via pin-up is allowed)
-Single character
-No backgrounds, they will be a gradient color

Turn around time is one to three days~

I would love artistic freedom, but it is not required at this time (please don't give me a reason to close it to artistic freedom ;~; )

If you guys are interested, comment here and I will throw a note at you~

1) [OPEN]
2) [OPEN]

You can see examples of my work (and the quality that will be received) here: http://www.furaffinity.net/gallery/limizukistudios/folder/213408/Flat-Color