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<$25 Icon Otter/Fox Fursona DESCRIPTION ONLY



Animus' new "fottex" fursona - new icon needed

I have just recently created a new fursona for myself, in the form of an otter/fox mix, and am calling it the "fottex" (please suggest new species names if you can think of any, "fottex" sounds weird). I need a new icon to use on all of the social media sites I use, so it has to be sfw and look good, and be cute.

My previous fursona was a simple blue fox with black/dark-gray and white markings (EXAMPLE
), but I was not happy with having such a generic and cliche 'sona. I have decided to now go with a blue and white fox body and appendages, with the head and tail style of an otter. As this commission is only for an icon, I will only be describing the head and shoulders.


The head should be primarily a dark and vibrant shade of blue, with the muzzle and face area (otter-like facial markings) being white. the ears should be a dark gray or black on the inside, with the traditional white around that, and a bright magenta around the very edge of the ear. You can use your better judgement here, but I think the ears should be large, like that of a fox, but more round, like that of an otter. I would like the irises to be the same hue of magenta. I would like the nose to be black, and the muzzle should have dark gray markings along the sides like those of a fox.


I would like to keep the same collar and cigar as in the example image above, only less round, and more like a Cuban. I think the hat should be dropped altogether, and the marijuana leaf pendant on the collar should be smaller, more round, and silver instead of green.


I would like to keep the entire drawing under $25, but I can make room for negotiation.
I would really like the creation of this drawing to be an open process, with you showing me all of the sketches and allowing me to critique and make minor changes before the final drawing is finished and signed. Again, I will be using this icon for all of my social media sites including this one, and I need it to be exactly how I want it, not to sound rude or pretentious.
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Hit 'em right between the eyes
Hey there! I do flat colour icons for $10, cel shaded icons for $15, and painted icons for $25.


And here's an example of an otter I did recently.

If you're interested and wish to discuss further, please drop me an email! raijirou@gmail.com



I do icons within your budget. I'm willing to take on this task.

Description: I understand this completely and feel I can draw it well.

Apparel: Heck yes.

Pricing: In my budget.

Notes from me: I do like to keep my comms back and forth on FA note. I visit there very frequently and keep clients updated pretty consistently, normally at each step.

What I offer for icons: I do three sketch ideas and present them to you. I ask that you pick one for me to fix and tidy and make final. That you get as your icon. I normally then, if requested, clean up the other two and let you have as sketches.
http://d.facdn.net/art/tennashoe/1406880473.tennashoe_acoupleicons.jpg (was paired with another icon due to completion at same time)
http://d.facdn.net/art/tennashoe/1406880065.tennashoe_comg_sketches.jpg (the two spares)


If interested, drop me a note. :3

Hope you get a cool icon, this dude sounds like a total boss. xD


Sounds awesome! :D I love otters. <3

I only have one recent icon example at the moment, though, and for that reason, my icons will only be $5, which places it well in your budget. I like making sure I have everything accurately drawn, so I have absolutely no problem bouncing sketches back and forth. :] In this example, I used some light shading, but often things look better unshaded. It can be up to you if it is or not. :]



If you're interested, note me~ :D Thank you for your consideration either way. :]


The one and only


thanks so much for all of the great artists coming to offer their work, and if I could afford artwork from all of you, I'd buy it. Unfortunately, I cannot, and have had to chose one artist to do the drawing for me, and you know who you are.

Commission closed