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(Commission) Selling: 25$ refsheets ✨


Your #1 Corgi Boi
❤(5/21) Once again I am here to update my commissions post now that I am back, I'll be accepting some slots for commissions!! There's only 4 this time, I might do more depending on if I get the first four super quick or not! anyway Here we go again!!

I look forward to drawing w you guys once again!!

With all my artwork, The complexity of a character or background may be extra but I'll be generous I promise!
**also I offer a nsfw version of any of my commissions or an extra 5$! **
**please just let me know!**

❤Fully Body Ref-sheets are 25$: My full body ref sheet commissions include: Front, back (and side for +5) Profile and minis of your character!
**(these take the longest time & are the most popular, so please if you order this know I want to take my time and it could be a while!!)

❤Icons are 10$: An icon of your persona/character! In a sparkly manner!

❤ YCH icons: A special icon I'm doing for a while bc they are cute! same price as an original icon but w a different style! examples are listed below!

❤Full Body's 25$: A Full body picture of your charter! (complex BG +5)

❤Bust shots 20$: A shot of your character from the bust up!

❤If you're looking to commission a Ref-sheet please fill out *This form*!
❤Message me Privately and tell me about the commission you'd like to request!
❤Once I get your References I'll send you my paypal and once money is received The first draft will be sent with in 24 hours of the payment being sent.

❤ Wait times vary with complexity of the character, content of the refsheet and also my daily schedule. If ever wonder what my wait time is for commission you can check my Commission wait-list or message me directly for an answer!

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Your #1 Corgi Boi
Full Body Refsheets Examples:

Full body:





Q: I have absolutely no art of my character, can I still get a ref-sheet?
A: Of coarse you can! I love helping people design characters, but also as long as your willing to give me a detailed description of what your character looks like I'm willing to bring your visions to life!!
(also i have a forum to help you out RIGHT HERE!! )

Q: Can my ref-sheet be NSFW?
A: I can defiantly help you out, just tell me how detailed you want it to be!

Q: Can my ref-sheet have custom poses?
A: yes! please just make sure to have references on hand for me so I know exactly what you want!
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Healer by Nature
Hi! Im completely new to the forums here but Id love to get an icon from you of my new fursona if possible. I can pay through paypal. I can send a PM of references once you're ready. Just let me know! Thanks ❤


Healer by Nature
Hey guys. Just here to say CorgiBoi does a wonderful job. Very friendly and communicative with me. Not to mention patient with all my requests. ✨

Im love my finished icon!
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Your #1 Corgi Boi
Thanks to all you sweet people for considering me to draw your cute and awesome characters im really appciative of you all✨❤️


The Empress has Returned
Posting here just so I can find it later (whenever I can get paid ;-;)


Werewolf a Tophat
If I ever get that check I would cash it and buy art from you.


I don't know, man
(Arbitrary post to remember where this thread is)
But seriously, I will seriously consider commissioning a ref sheet (maybe an icon too :3).


New Member
I came to Corgi with some kinda' half ideas and some visual references that sort of tried to convey what I was looking for. Since this was my first commission for this character (or any art in general) I didn't really have much to give. Nevertheless Corgi took what I had and made an adorable ref sheet and turned my nebulous idea of what I wanted into something I really like. Definitely recommend.

Thanks once again, Corgi <3


Your #1 Corgi Boi
❤❤❤ I added some different types of commissions !! thanks to all you lovelies ❤❤❤