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(Commission) Selling: 25$ refsheets ✨


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Hello to everyone who's interested and also to my current Open commissions!!
I'm currently moving out and so for the next two weeks my open slots will be closed till I can get my computer set up at my new place!
To my current commissions that I am working on: Have no fear I will continue on a normal day to day basis to work on your commission, there shouldn't be any delays!
I'm just not taking any NEW commissions till I move in!
Thanks always for the support I look forward to reopening my commissions later this month!


Your #1 Corgi Boi
Hey hunnys!!

Im reopen and my previous sale is back on!! Im looking forward to doing these again!!


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Yoo, one ref sheet please~

Name: Midori
Sex: Female
Species: Lynx

BUILD: A straight slim upper torso with digi-shaped legs. No breasts just a flat chest. She's also pretty short (5'2).

COLORS/PATTERNS: Just some spots near her nose and on her forearms and legs. Nothing on her back at all, her tummy is a lighter color as shown below.

DETAILS: She likes to wear pastel colored sweaters, really into harajuku fashion too. So feel free to put her in whatever pastel colored sweater/hoodie you fancy c:

PERSONALITY/OTHER: A really laid back and chill Lynx who's eyes are always looking a bit droopy.

(Head and Paws)
(Legs) - Also the foot pads are the same as the paw pads. Also her tail is a stubby Lynx tail is the same as the dark blue on the forearms but is tinted white at the end)

Likes: Pokemon
Unhealthy Food
Anything Pastel
Dislikes: Summer (saw your furry boy on the sheet likes it eeep sorry :eek: )
Spicy Food


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Sale is back on! I'm only doing these 6 slots before I discontinue these for maybe a few months!