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28 Days Later - Discussion

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I feel ya McGover :)
Got up and its Monday Morning... anticipation, excitement, pure adrenalin flowing...
Click Click, type: www.furaffinity.net , enter...



That's the nice thing about being a lazy geek with an addiction to bells and whistles...I added a speed dial extension to Firefox, so now I'll know when FA's back within 20 minutes just by sitting at about:blank. None shall stop me! HAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ::Coughs loudly, allowing his lungs to escape:: !!!
Twelve hours until it's Tuesday... twelve hours before they break their deadline.

If you want to split hairs about it, the site status said "monday morning" as the final deadline.


I like to nuke ^^
That's what the Boss said. ;-)


I like to nuke ^^
*Already hears some guys grabbing their Kleenex boxes and hitting F5 like hell ... xD*
The poor server.


Backed Up Author
A boss said it, okay I will get out my cheat code bazooka and destro...oh! You mean that it will return because a high up said so.

Thank goodness...I need my FA fix rather badly I am searching for good furry art on less fur compatible sites. Bad for my furry ego, and my furry mind.

On with the motley I say, we have to show patience.


I like to nuke ^^
Prepare for FA Server overload, in 5, 4, 3, 2.......

EDIT: OOPS, forgot I need BB brackets here. Too much html yesterday. ;-)
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Gaming Lynx
The only thing I can do in 95 degree heat is pass out. Of course I'm outside in a t shirt in the winter, so it all evens out.
same here i have played tennis outside while it was snowing in only a tee shirt and shorts while everyone else had on hoodys adn long pants and they were still freezing. That another reason i have a lynx as a fursona is my tolerate of the cold weather.


New Member
omg! Tremaine! what a great honour to have such a godlike artist among us!! it seems like in that catastrophic movie where the first lady of the president of united states shares the desperate fight of survivance amongst common people...i know it's not such an happiness..but as in the movie, it's such a great feeling knowing that such great artists are sharing the same grief and unbearable reality helpin' us feeling a little better
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