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28 Days Later - Discussion

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Well they still manage to make fools of us now don't they? :p

tell me about it
actually, i understand the poor Yak... So many times when i thought i was almost done debugging my algoritm, another bug pops up from nowhere to make my life miserable


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Yes im pissed off at the mods failure to keep us updated as well, but they said either today it would be back up or when FA:U rolls around


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I wanna say a lot of unpleasant things to a lot of people, but it'd probably get me banned. That's the sole reason why I won't.


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Btw I'm sure you've all thought about it but the post count just doubled I believe.
Now we have AC pics as well as FA:U pics.
Damn the opening hour of Furaffinity going to be a crazy torrent of suits and sketches.


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I'm not sure why everyone is so anxious to get FA back up. I understand it's the lovable site we all love, but it's not like magic will happen as soon as FA opens up and there will be a new plethora of artwork, stories, and music waiting for you.

Even after FA opens it will take a day or two for artists to upload their works.

Give FA the time it needs to get back up, and just wait for the day after to actually do your browsing *shrugs*.


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Monday is NOT over yet by server time guys! Get a grip. It's 4:54pm EST (server time) that means there's 7 hours and 7 minutes. THEN you can cry over it.

It'll be back when it's back. Go read a book or play a game or something. (Goes to play Splinter Cell)


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Seven hours till what? I don't expect anything anymore except another excuse.
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