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28 Days Later - Discussion

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WHY IS MY FA NOT BACK YET?!!!!!eleventyone!!!

*has aneurysm*


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Since everyone is all on edge mabye we can take the edge off by singing some camp fire songs. Anyone know "Michael row the boat ashore"?


Hmm . . . well, my personal thought (and opinion, what now?) is that the admins and various people working on the servers have jobs that keep them during the day. I doubt much work got done today on the code before afternoon, eastern time. They're probably working on it right now.

Which begs the question of why they've not at least said we're still on schedule (or not . . . I'd be okay with not, if it was a status update).


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Till another deadline comes and goes and I start thinking about why I donated any money at all. I could have been dicked around like this for free.

To quote Sparks, from their 2006 album "Hello Young Lovers": "All I do is dick around, the sun goes up and the moon goes down, the leaves are green, the leaves are brown, and all I do is dick around."

How many of us, who frequent FA, have these lines applied to, as we await the eventual return?

It'll certainly be welcome when it returns, but I, for one, can stand to wait for one more minute if it means that we get an update regarding what progress is being made.


From Dave Hyena:

"Furaffinity will not be up tonight. Yak has been up for about 48 hours at this point, working on getting FA going, and absolutely needs some rest.

He's been working on rewriting the code that sends people messages. The notification sending subsystem has to be able to use the changed main tables of the database. We believe that it will probably be up by Tuesday, but if further issues come up, then we will have to update you then.

The discussion thread for this announcement is here:"



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"Final," when used in "final deadline" here, has approximately the same meaning it does in "Final Fantasy."


Trying to think up something witty to say about Final Fantasy versus Fur Affinity, but it's just not happening. Bah.


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My opinion is this, people need to quit bitching, and go find something else to do. There's FAP, DA, Youtube, Newgrounds, hell, if you need your porn that bad go to fchan. There's more to the internet than FA, and there's more to life than the internet. Go find something else to do.


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I've joined Myspace, Newgrounds, added a lot of subscriptions to Youtube, join True for Lesbians, have several Trans communities I'm a part of offline, and still haven't been able to keep myself as busy as I would have with FA.


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Can I kill myself yet? ... guess I'll just continue to wait patiently... >.>


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argh I know what its like to work at IT sites, you got two guys f'n with the server xD sucks but life's a beach, dig it?
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