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Changelog 3/10/2017 Beta Update


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Beta Changes
  • Re-wrote, re-styled almost every page of Beta.
  • CSS platform has been changed to CSS Less.
  • "Dark" theme has been completely revised (goodbye, gradients!). We have also removed the other Beta themes as the templating system has changed dramatically. They'll come back once once all tweaks/improvements are changed.
  • Made several tweaks, improvements and changes to Beta's mobile view.
  • Revised navigation menu for mobile devices.
    NOTE: Mobile menu still needs tweaking, and will be finessed in the next Beta update.
  • Fixed several inconsistencies/placement issues.
  • Userpages currently have a wide-format blank space. This is in preparation for planned future changes planned.

What's New

  • Lightbox - Clicking on submissions now opens them in a lightbox to preview the images full screen.
  • Recent Journals - Journals now display a small list of the last 5 journals to help promote them better.
  • BBCode Improvements - You can now use
    codes and Header [h1] [h2] and so on to better format journals and lists.
NOTE: We will be improving the formatting of BBCode headers for user next Beta update.

Contact Info Changes
  • Added Contact Info for Picarto, Furry Network, Telegram, Discord, Battle.net
  • Removed Contact info for Naybn, ICQ, Xfire
Known Issues
  • Gallery lists are slightly off-centered (text-aligned left for content -- need to modify container).
  • Submission Management revisions not complete.
  • Userpage header/navigation is cluttered on mobile. Revisions are done but have not been implemented yet.
  • Options/menus for Notes are still being revised.
  • Mobile menu is improved, but not in its final form.