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3-12-11 - Partial Services Down


Former Motterator
Hello, FA's servers were brought down by rabid weasels aga-

What? Oh. Okay, being serious.

One of FA's servers, specifically the one that handled e-mail and ads, has been knocked offline, and has been for a few hours. The cause is being looked into, and they'll be up when we've isolated what caused them to be knocked down and restart them.

This impacts password resets and new account registration.

We apologize for this inconvenience.


Site Developer
The physical server, Figment, that was hosting virtual machines for the Wiki, the Ad server and the Mail server among other things has lost internet connectivity and is currently unreachable.
It could have frozen, or it could have been a case of it's network cable coming loose - the cause is currently unknown. We will be paying a visit to to colo within the next few hours to fix this.