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(Base/YCH) Selling: 3 Batches of $25 humaniod chibi YCHs!!

Hi!!! I'm offering these YCH chibis for $25 usd :^) I'm trying to save up for a new computer, mine currently has one foot in the grave lmao

They will be fully lined and colored, and you will receive a watermark free, transparent & larger resolution when it's completed! There's no limit to how many you can order. For each slot you can order 2 chibis, and at one time I'll have 3 slots open, and then after that I'll put you on the waitlist to be contacted as I finish them.

***As a default, I will keep the expression the same but small changes to the expressions (eyebrows & mouth) are fine!

Just please let me know what you want or you can leave it up to me to pick what would fit the character.





STYLE A (default)

STYLE B (+$10usd)

- Paypal only
- I do not offer refunds unless I am unable to finish. Sorry!
- Payment is upfront. I'll start on your chibi when the invoice is paid.
- Turnaround time is about 1 week. I will let you know if it'll be longer than that.
** Please do NOT send the payment through Friends & Family, I will send you a paypal invoice!

[ FORM ]

Make sure you include the number of the chibi you want and from which set, which coloring style (A or B), and your paypal email so I can send the invoice! :^)

THANKS :oops:

psstt I also have a kofi https://ko-fi.com/electrictype