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3 Detailed Charicter Peice. (Combat, Military, German-American)

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Looking For a Three Character Serious commission requiring high level of detail, effort and time. Theme would be a German Medic helping an American soldier while another German troop provides security for the two behind a Burning American Humvee hit by an IED (The Humvee would look all messed up and burning like it was recently hit)

The Main focus here would be on the Medic and the wounded. The guy providing security can be leaning to the left side of the Humvee shooting at insurgents (Setting Placed more in open desert to make it easier, on a road) during the Medics time to help the solider for a background

If this work request interests anyone let me know.. I'm looking for someone very confident in there skills to make something fantastic.
I have more details to cover once I find the artist

Contact me with your interest through Private messages... or my email at Nicklampinen@live.com
Not open for further replies.