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resident mothman
I'm opening up 3 slots for art requests because there are some things I'd like to practice on! SFW or NSFW is fine, I would actually prefer it to be NSFW because I have no interest in drawing that kind of thing for myself and desperately need practice in case somebody commissions NSFW stuff in the future. [I'm sure it's a given, but please only request NSFW stuff if you're 18+]

Rules [I guess?]:

- Visual references only, sorry! And I'm only doing a maximum of 2 characters per drawing.
- If you're requesting NSFW send me a note with the details & references to my FA [here]
- Fetishes are fine! There are some I won't draw but it doesn't hurt to ask
- Please be as specific as you can! I work better with more details.
- Depending on when I get the requests they may take a while but I will try my best to get to them
- Since I'm looking for what can help me practice the most I'm going to specifically pick the requests I want to draw sorry!
- I may do more than 3 if I have the time / motivation :^D

Links to some art examples: [My Deviantart] [My furaffinity]
[Also I'm new here so I'm sorry if I messed something up ;__; let me know & I'll try to fix it!]


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Hi there, this is my ol' pal Anglechan, he's a kiwi with an eating disorder, he loves motorcycling and wine tasting. He does have arms, but they only appear when he's in his super form, which can only be activated in times of incredible hunger (So like every afternoon around 5).


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are these requests free? if they are i wouldn't mind a chance to have my character drawn, possibly human male tfing into my herm dragoness sona with clothes ripping and everything else, my visual refrence is in my FA which is the same as my forums name i believe, if not just look up dragonf94 on FA and my sona should be in my scraps for the finished product