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3 slots open flat color upper body pose (closed)


Howdy everyone!! I am needing to boost my profile. So before I get started on anything else I want to say that I will of course be crediting the characters to you, and you are more then welcome to post them to your Furaffinity's and I will send you the file of the picture if you want it. However, I will be posting these pictures to my FA account. at Userpage of KaiCoffeeCat -- Fur Affinity [dot] net so if you don't want me to add them into my profile please do not request a drawing from me. I work on my art for other people on sundays, mondays, wednesdays and late fridays. So you may not get your request done until the end on the week.

On that note, Thanks so much for letting me draw your characters and post them to my FA!! (once again as stated before I will be crediting you for them being yours)

If you are interested please let me know!! Here is a sample of what I am doing



Okay, you will be the first one I work on. Can you tell me a bit about the character, likes dislike hobbies etc.
Of course and also thank you so much <3
She LOVES bananas. If she was able she would eat an entire bunch in one day...or even one sitting. She hates cleaning so in an effort to take her mind off it she listens to mrcreepypasta...she enjoys reading. Mostly paranormal romance.


4th and then hobbies likes and dislikes please!

Likes: Cuddling, Progressive Rock and Metal Music, Outdoors and Nature, Walking
Dislikes: Feeling anxious, rude people, When his mate is hurting
Hobbies: Hiking, Music Listening, Video Game playing


Dropping yeets into conversations since 1987
3rd and hobbies and likes and dislikes please!!

Hobbies: Science, Roleplaying, Video Games, Flirting
Likes: Glasses, Lab Coats, Computers, Hugs, Making Friends
Dislikes: Large groups of people, Sport, Loud noises


Thank you all again, for all your patience and for allowing me to draw all these awesome beans!! I am so excited to be working at 100% capacity again!! Thanks once more, and as I said feel free to upload the pictures onto your own FA's!!