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3 spots open (Closed)


Chocolate scientist
So bad new everybody, my computer crashed so there is going to be a delay while I emotionally refuel myself because I lost a few files because I'm stupid and forget to save consistently. I'll be back at 4 to finish the last pic for whimsycal and do the 3 busts.

its all good man, take all the time you need. Also for the bust, here's my ref sheet www.furaffinity.net: Ref Sheet for Kata by Katalistik I'll post it now since its almost midnight and i won't be on for a while. Stay safe.




The lazy fox... what else?
I'm late... though a ref sheet would be hard and complicated.


Hi there! I love your artwork, it's really cute. Am I too late to request something of my little Raspy Raccoon by any chance? www.furaffinity.net: Raspy Raccoon Reference Sheet by RaspyCoon

And thanks again!
Thanks for the compliment, yes unfortunately I am done for they day. I am open for commissions, the flat color head busts are 5$ and flat color mini's are 10$ if you are interested. If I do another free day I will switch the status on this forum to open.