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30€ Detailed Full Body Shot Deal - realistic style artworks


Hello and welcome to my new commissioning thread!

I want to start off with a very special deal - I'm searching for a specific character to visualize!
And there are three discount sketching slots, yay!


I would like to get a great reference for a highly polished character with no background, since that is just what I'm missing right now. The full body shots I did until now were all more or less speedy or rough paintings, so I would love to test out some of my techniques with your character for a special discount.

For 30€ you will have at least one finished detailed full body shot of your character. Since I'd like to play around with this task a little it's likely I'm gonna throw in a lot of different studies and sketches or different style WIPs - depending on the character and the way things turn out. No guarantee tho!
My goal is testing out and timing different work flows and painting styles on a character, so it will take some time. If you would be interested in being my test subject though, this might be the perfect opportunity for a deal. If you're patient, curious and like the variety of my work until now, I'm confident it's gonna be a really cool experiment!


I'd like to paint a really interesting non-anthro character for this project, so here are a few things that are important to me (only for this one, not in general):
  • No restrictions for the species, as long as they're generally non-anthro. Fantasy creatures and made up or altered species are welcome!
  • Original characters only, connection to a certain existing universe is okay, as long as the character itself doesn't officially exist
  • A unique concept - I'd love to see a character with cool ideas for a striking visual or hear about an amazing back story you want me to bring to life
  • A patient individual - yeah, yeah, I said it before, but I just can't tell right now how long it will take. I expect finishing somewhere between to weeks from now and October 1st. PLUS: I will most likely not just take the first offer because of the amount of work this project will consume.

  • 1 slot: SPECIAL DEAL - full body character shot [digital] - 30 €
    • Additional sketches or versions possible
    • Rules above apply
  • 3 slots: DISCOUNT - full body sketches [digital] - 10 € each
    • Lines and basic greyscale
    • Rules above do not apply for this one - anthros as well as animal characters!

  • I accept PayPal directly or thorugh ko-fi.com/polarwiesel
  • Currently no NSFW
  • Fanart and Original stuff
  • No general "first come, first serve"-rule, especially for special offers. Please give me some time to evaluate the offered commissions - my time is limited and very valuable to me.
  • Don't hesitate to contact me about slots currently not available or listed - or anything else! At most times I'm able to tell you more about when they might be open again and how much your commission would be. If I'm not interested in doing the commission, I'll just tell you, so don't be shy.
  • My TOS apply at all times, read them here: TOS – polarwiesel

You'll find a whole lot of artworks at my homepage and my FA page. A lot of sketches and WIPs are only posted to my instagram, while the most complete set of finished artworks can be found on my tumblr blog.

Thank you very much for your time! I hope to hear from you soon!



I hope it's okay to just keep this post for later as an addition to the first one.

Apart from that: thank you for approving my thread! I guess it's officially open now, yay uwu

This watercolor kakao card of a houndoom is gonna bump the thread now: