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30€ Flatcoloured Pinups


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PM me here or note me on my furaffinity if youd like one!

♥ All commission rules that you can read here apply: www.furaffinity.net: [OPEN] COMMISSIONs -- ruruscube's Journal
♥ Payment upfront through paypal invoice.
Female only please! Girls with dicks are ok.
♥ Any species!
♥ You may ask for a certain pose/scene/etc! But no background.
♥ You dont get the peview of the sketch.
♥ Nsfw or sfw however youd like.

Price: 30€ (which is about 36-40USD)
Will look like these: (Warning: NSFW for nudity) One, Two
I can usually finish about 2 of these pieces in one day.

Another example: Nipples have been censored out. You can view the uncensored one in my furaffinity gallery.