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(Commission) Selling: 30usd busts


New Member
I'm offering 30usd bust commissions!
Hello everyone. I've been studying hard recently and i finally feel ready to start taking commissions. I've come up with the following terms:
  1. The client can DM me here, on twitter or via email explaining what he wants, preferably with refference pics + expression/mood details (i'm fine with having artistic freedom tho)
  2. The client can give feedbacks on the sketching phase (but please do not abuse!)
  3. Paypal. 50% payment upfront, 50% after it's all done
  4. 3-5 day delivery. I can be faster, but when working with a client i have to wait for your feedback. I need this time to deliver a high quality piece without burning out or rushing things
  5. Any species accepted
  6. Extra super complex details might get charged more. Ask me about it, i won't bite.
I hope this seems reasonable, thank you for your attention
My contact:
email pokinha.art@gmail.com
twitter https://twitter.com/pokinha