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(Commission) Selling: $35 ref sheet option and $6 headshots! Telegram Stickers and more inside!


Hello! I'm SpaceyShiba here are some of my commission options!
For a full list including terms and conditions here is my Carrd
If you have an idea you would like quoted on feel free to message me on any of my social medias!
My telegram is @/SpaceyShiba

Current queue is here: my trello

$35.00 USD Reference Sheet

  • If you have a fill in base ref for me to work off of without changes to the characters design there is no custom fee!
  • If you only have a description of your character, no worries! I will ask for your description and give you a quote on what the fee will be!
  • Having images of the colors you want and hair style will help as well! For simpler characters the fee is usually less than $10
  • I will be sending wips through out the process, after I refine the initial sketch I ask for approval before I move on to line art and color.
  • After color I send it to you once again for a look over to make sure every detail is in place, if so I email you the finished file :)
  • Completion time varies by how quickly I get all the details in line/my questions answered, client responsiveness, and work place availability (I have a day job)
  • I was able to complete the reference sheet below in about 4 days, I do not guarantee completion times however I will always update you if something comes up!


$6.00 USD Headshot
  • Please have ref sheet on hand and expression chosen! (or leave expression to me, I will ask about your character's personality)
  • Time lapse is available no extra charge
  • Sketch wip will be sent to you to approve of the expression before line and color
  • Usually has a white border (like a sticker) and a transparent background, solid color background available
  • Completion time is usually about 1-2 days, if anything comes up I will message you asap!


$17.00 USD Half Body
  • Please have reference sheet in hand. Have your ideal pose and clothing (if any) in mind!
  • gradient/highlights/shading optional! can either have a sticker border or solid color/transparent background. Let me know your preference!
  • Same as the others, I send wips! Timelapse is available as well!
  • Completion time is about 1-3 days, of course if not I will let you know!


Options with examples not listed:
  • Busts, drawn down to shoulders $10.00 USD
  • Muzzle Icons, nose and mouth $5.00 USD
  • Feral Full Body: $22.00 USD
  • Anthro Full Body: $25.00 USD
  • Simple Backgrounds start at $10.00 USD
  • Complex/Painted Backgrounds start at $20.00 USD

Telegram Stickers
  • Headshot/Half Body: $8.00 USD
  • Full Body: $12.00 USD
  • Completion size varies by size of order! For just one it is usually about 1-2 days, will let you know if it takes longer


Polaroid Style for one character $35.00 USD (+$10 a character) includes background of your choice!
  • Please have reference sheet(s) and an idea of what you're wanting (if you need help brainstorming just let me know!)
  • This is a shaded piece! Time lapse is available as well!
  • Any species!

Fake Screencap Commission, done by quote, usually starts around $50.00 USD:
  • Please have reference sheet in hand and the scene you would like in hand!
  • Wips are sent, so you will see how it looks the whole way from sketch to finish.
  • Rough or smooth border is an option! Below is Rough border
  • The more complex the scene, the longer it takes. Maybe a few weeks-month estimated completion time
  • Shading included!
  • Background maybe painted or just colored line art, depending on the scene

Full Scene Commission example (resized to fit in thread):

Thank you for stopping by! If something has caught your interest, hope to hear from you soon!