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365 days challenge


Princess Bunny ♥
Is anyone going to join me with this challenge? :D
I've done it before back in 2012 and it was awesome. I improved a lot but then... got college and a full time job so I couldn't do it again.

But now I will do it again! So come on! Let's draw a sketchie every day for 365 days! I promise you will notice an amazing improvement on your art!

P.D. I'm starting in july
P.D.2. Here's my previous 365


Princess Bunny ♥
I would love to, but with 3D its a bit ahrder to do everyday, so I'll do it with u but I'll do a quick sculpt once a week, in addition to my other ongoing projects if thats fine lol

Oh sure! With me I just meant that I won't be alone doing the challenge, you know! The way you do it it's up to you, how you feel more comfortable.
But is fun to share, I have seen other artists improvements doing this and I find it very inspiring and motivating, that's all ^^


Hmm I'll join the challenge :)

Already started some weeks ago but not a sketch everyday.
But I guess now I have to sketch everyday.