Due to continued unemployment i'm opening myself up to insanely cheap commissions.

Perhaps i'm being arrogant, but I'm a pretty darn good artist so $5 is unheard of for my work. Don't believe me? Check out my work. I'm Hassen13 on FA, and Leiko on deviantARt.

Also, while i'm doing the $5 commissions i'm still open to regular commissions as well. This includes jewelry, costume accessories, small sculptures, crafts, digital art, and traditional media not covered in the $5 offer.

Details of this offer can be found Here: http://burnslikeice.livejournal.com/329795.html
Please read that information. All the information. If you ask me something that's clearly covered in that post i'll lable you an idiot. I'll keep the opinion to myself, but I doubt anyone wants me thinking them idiots.

The basics of the offer:

* $5 (american) for a single drawing. I take PayPal (preferred) or money orders or personal checks. If you send money via the mail, bear in mind I won't so much as think about your commission until the money's arrived and processed into my bank account. Thus, PayPal is the best payment option.

* Drawings will be 8" x 5 3/8"....that's a little larger than quarter-page.

* These are real-media drawings. You have a choice of black & white Ink drawings (i've a unique style...very good for portraits), or colored pencil.

* I will draw up to three subjects, no background. Anything goes (aside from cub art...that I refuse to draw; also, I will not draw cartoon/comic characters that belong to someone else...such as Ninja Turtles or Batman...I will draw original fan characters).

* Finished product will be mailed via USPS to the buyer. If you, for whatever reason, can not or do not wish to release your mailing address to me, you will not be able to take part in this offer. Sorry, folks...that's how it is. I'm not doing digital artwork.

* Please contact me via the e-mail listed in that info link. If you send me a private message here I will only tell you to send me an e-mail. This is so I can keep track of all commissions. I'm not trying to make things more complicated for the buyer. I'm trying to ensure that no one gets forgotten as i've posted this same offer to multiple places.