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3D Art Package Commissions


Wild lunatic!
Hey guys I'm going to need to make some cash soon so if anyone here would like some 3D stuff i'm going to give the first 2 people who are interested 2 package deals to choose from.

Package 1 20$
1 prop model exported in .obj and then zipped and sent to you
A render of the model at 800x600
1 abstract render at 1280x1024
1 Icon design (chubby cheek this comes extra and is free)
1 character bust made with sculptris not rendered but will exported to .obj

Package 2 30$
2 prop models & 1 weapon model all exported to .obj and put in .zip file
A render of each model at 800x600
1 Background Size render of your weapon at 1280x1024
1 Icon Design (chubby cheek this come extra and is free)
1 Character Bust made with Sculptris and exported to .obj then rendered at 800x600 your choice in colors/material etc no texture

Chubby Cheek Icons are animated for eye blinking by default but can be left as non-animated if desired.

Well let me know what you think and if interested hit me up on notes to see if what you want is something i can do.