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3d character busts


Hey, Assbutt

Can do any species, any colour scheme, and hair if needs be. 3d bust commissions will generally take around 7 days to complete, though less if I get right into it, and they can be livestreamed if required.

I can also do full body stuff, such as: http://i801.photobucket.com/albums/yy292/voidrunners/Rei.jpg but I haven't quite got the hang of rigging and posing yet, so it will just be neutral poses.

Busts: $15
Full body: $30 (with free posing upgrade once I get a method that works)

Now doing a special offer!

If you have several characters, and buy either a bust or full-body, you can get your second character for $5, and extra characters for $4 each, up to a maximum of 5.

That means you can get all your characters done for a fraction of the cost.

PM me on here if you are interested, need to ask a question or tell me I'm charging too much.
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today feels like plaid
might take you up on it next month, already spent my commission budget for march :D


Hey, Assbutt
The fur looks a little wonky to me but I know how hard that stuff is. Your examples are nicely done though!

It's something I am intending to work more on. I'd have liked to try styling the fur a little, but the character has a messy mass of fur there, so it had to be done.