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(Commission) Selling: 3D Model commissions, starting at $30!


Discord: Yacare#6661

Animal Crossing style models (like the yellow bunny) are $40 total, it includes rigging, texture, and a pose of choice. Let me know in advance if you'd like your character in this style!

If you're interested, you can send me a note, contact me via Discord (Yacare#6661), email (yacareKB@gmail.com), Telegram (@yacareKB), or just comment here and I'll send you a DM :)

--- For 2D commissions, check this link ---

As I do with my 2D thread, I will be updating this post with new commissions to bump it.
I hope you guys like my work! ^^


Depressed. Going back into lurk mode.
I'll have to keep you in mind for a custom Animal Crossing amiibo in the future! ^w^


Discord: Yacare#6661
Really cool idea! I wish I had a 3d printer
Thank you!
There are lots of 3D printing services providers in most places, you can take your 3D files to them and they will tell you how much it would cost to print with them :)
I would offer to print them myself but I'm probably reeeeeally far away from you, hahaha.


Discord: Yacare#6661
Baby and adult Citipati (oviraptors)! For a fanart contest held by Paleo Pines over Discord ^^


Discord: Yacare#6661
How much would say, a detailed head sculpt (no color necessary!) of a dragon character be, give or take?
Hey there!
I'd need to see some kind of reference/picture, to see the amount of detail, I think depending on that, it would probably be between 30-50$.
If you want to send me a DM or something with a ref, I could tell you the exact quote!