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Hiring: 3D Modeler Needed for Printable Minis $75-$500


Zombie Bat Lord
Humanoid bunnies, reptilians, aliens, and more. From fantasy equipped to sci-fi or Wild West.
Minis need to be presentable in painted condition for tabletop gaming demos.

Budget highly flexible, multiple orders for quick turnaround times with expressive and well designed models.

Please leave examples of work, price range, and turnaround time.

Updated Info: Miniatures will be used for tabletop gaming demos and promotion of the game, and depending on detail, printed commercially.
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Hi i am 3d artist
depending on how complex those designs are i might have time for another project

you can view my art in these links

www.artstation.com: Aiken Yang

aiken - Unity Connect


roninfang's DeviantArt gallery

sketchfab.com: 3D model collections by Roninfang (@roninfang)

as for price range and turn around time well yeah depends on the design but yeah expect per 3d sculpted model be around that price range 200-400 usd depending on well how complex the design is


Indie Game Artist / Telegram: vinfang
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My rate is $20 USD per hour.

Professional portfolio and contact information can be found on Artstation.

poprocker566.artstation.com: 3D Models

Term of service:

drive.google.com: TERMS OF SERVICE


Zombie Bat Lord
Appreciate your post @Vinfang but it seems you work for non commercial purposes, according to your ToS.

got the message in the email, so what will be designs be like if i may ask?
Much like Warhammer or Reaper style miniatures, well equipped adventurers to be based, primed, painted, and played with.


Indie Game Artist / Telegram: vinfang
I do contracted commercial work only.
I charge a 10% Commercial Fee, It covers both the creation of the art as well as the user's rights to use the Art thereafter.
"Much like Warhammer or Reaper style miniatures, well equipped adventurers to be based, primed, painted, and played with."

does sound fun ^^

anyways i think might better continue conversation privately email or private conversation