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3D Printing Kemono Style Head


New Member
Hey! I get very hot very easily so I thought for making my first fursuit it would be good (other than making a partial) to make a head with a 3D printed base full of ventilation holes.

I've found some great open source files for fursuit heads, ( like this www.thingiverse.com: Fursuit- or puppet-head base - version 52 - bunny by Tioh ) but none are kemono style like I'm looking for. Some people are selling them printed, ( Like Sethaa here on FA ) but they don't have ventilation holes, they're just a solid mask.

Is there someone/somewhere I can commission someone to design a mask like this for me? I have the printing part covered on my end, I just want the file. Or does someone know of an open-source kemono style file out there already?

Thanks so much!