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(Commission) Selling: 4 OPEN slots FERAL commissions 62-70$ with full background



____Terms of service ____

• The work on the commission will take 2-3 weeks.

• I will show you a sketch. If you like everything, you have to pay 10% of the total amount and I will continue working.

• When the work is done, I will send you a drawing in small size in Notes(or your email). If you like everything, you should pay for the work, and I'll post the full size.

• I can upload art anywhere

• You can also upload art anywhere, edit, add text, but do not forget to credit me.

• Do not claim that you did art yourself.

I can reject commission order if I understand that I can't do it.

• To order you should: send a description of your order by mail okcanka.kcucha@gmail.com | or in the comments here | or discord Siflis#8974 |
or complete this google form CLICK!

• By ordering my commission, you agree to the terms of service.

____"What you can/can't draw ?" ____
I can draw: animals, ferals (like canine, feline, dragons, etc)
I can't draw: humans, anthro, NSFW, complex architecture.
Also I can not draw characters with very bright/toxic/unnatural colors. Sorry, it is impossible for me.

(Allowed for dragons and mythical creatures)But you can ask me about this!


____☀ "How can I pay?"☀____

1. Please, use ONLY PayPal
2. !Full Payment only after I show you completed art in Notes!
3. Do not pay until I give my consent.

____"How can I order a commission ? "____
Use a form: Google Forms - create and analyze surveys, for free.


1. Show me a link or a picture of your character in the comments / or email okcanka.kcucha@gmail.com
2. Everything should be clearly visible. If the reference does not has any details, then describe it to me.
3.Tell me what you want to see in the art (poses, emotions, background). Please try to describe your idea in details!
4.(optional) you can give me references of the background that you want to see, but you find it difficult to describe. Or reference for poses.