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4 stickers for $12

Asher Grey

Probably Sleeping
Hey guys, I don't have anything queued right now, so I'm trying stickers again! Upped my prices somewhat since my first batch. You save if you buy 4, and for more prices, details, etc, you can check my FA: www.furaffinity.net: so I updated my stickers by Asherion



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You should probably put this in the Sales area. You might have more luck ^^


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I mean this section is for posting: offering free things and asking for requests.

Your topic is sales based.

So that would make it be in the wrong section. That's what I meant.
Hi Asher! What julievee is saying, is that this specific subforum is for requests and free art. Since you’re posting it here, you may not get a lot of business, because most people who post here are looking for free art.

You should move this thread to the Art Sales and Auctions subforum instead! That way, people who are looking to commission will see ^^