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4 YCH, 6 Slots, Flat-Rate both N & SFW!


plays one on TV
These are all $35, flat-rate (not auctions!), single-buyer-per-slot, and will be finished with shading
Recent examples: GA - 13+ - Mature - Adult

I price YCH's lower than my standard commission rate, so you're actually getting a big discount when you get a YCH~! I am also totally open for commissions if none of these appeal to you!

My Terms Of Service (TOS) apply for both normal & YCH commissions.

Reminder: Each slot is only open to one buyer, these are not multiple buyer YCH!

This is a series with two slots each:
  • Buying either both slots in both pieces, or both slots in a single piece, is discounted to $60
  • OC's must have a phallus & it's mild hyper themed
  • While it's phallic-centric and male preferred, any gender or sex is OK
  • Features my OC Limo who is trans

These are two single-slot pin-ups:
  • OC's must be fem/me, but not necessarily cis women;
    • trans women, intersex, or altersex OC's who have a curvy bodyshape are OK; basically, nothing where I have to significantly change most of the sketch!
  • The first one is for plus-sized OC's
  • Buyer can specify a swimsuit
  • These are officially "out" on the 9th!

OK cool.