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40$ commissions FULLART! (up to 2 characters)


40$ US Full Art: A 1980 x 1080 sized image to your liking, fully coloured with background work (up to 2 characters). If you don't have any ideas, i can make up something fun and spunky for you (following your character's personality) .

I like to make pretty and happy things, have fun with the artwork, SO COME ON UP!
The following examples are previous commissioners, please respect their rights!

Examples of Full Art






Warning: My style may have changed slightly from and between the examples above, seeing as there's a time difference and a learning curve.

Please keep in mind i will NOT do NSFW content, but i can do suggestive.

Form for Commissioning:

• Name of character and Reference (images or written detailed description)
• Tell me what you'd like for your commission (if you write N/A at this part, i'll make something following your character's description)
• Provide Email address (to send the finished image in full quality)

How to get in contact:
Email: Gabbybitez@gmail.com
PM (private message) me here on the forums or post in this thread

(email will receive a faster reply seeing as i have my email connected to my phone.)

Paypal link will be provided once commission is done and ready to give, i will send a proof of completion before asking payment to avoid theft.

*Commissions usually take between 3 days- 2 weeks, depending on the situation. If any delays, i'll warn within the 2 weeks.
*Once the commission is ready and done, i'll send a little snippet of the finished image as proof of it's existence, and once payment is sent via paypal, i'll give the finished image.
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Hey SafKeesh!

I'm fairly new to the FA forums, but I am in the market for some art very similar to what you have here! Currently, I'd love a Full Art image, but I haven't fleshed out all of the details yet. Are you still open to commissions? If so, I'd love to get in touch and start developing the idea!

Thanks for your time! Keep up the excellent work :)


Legendary Shaman
Just popped in to say that your work is absolutely stunning and I can't believe you do full gorgeous pieces like this for only 40$! Keep up the beauty, it's so wonderful. *-*