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(Base/YCH) Selling: [$45] Feature 2020 Furry Pinup Calendar for sale (Final Sale Dec 2nd!)


Lover of Beasty Baes
We are the Fireside Cooperative, an artist's cooperative thats dedicated to supporting other artists! This year we are selling calendars featuring YOUR characters in cute pinup costumes and cheeky scenarios! If you ever wanted to have your character come to life and be featured in a calendar with other furs in the community, now is your chance!

We are taking pre-orders of $45 where you would get:
  • A guaranteed slot for your character
  • One beautiful, high res 2020 calendar that you can print and mount up on your wall
  • 12 custom, high res pieces of art
  • Icons for your character
  • Personalized messages from all the characters featured in the calendar
If you want to pre-order, please fill out this form:
We have only 13 character slots left! (as of 11/14/19) --They are going fast!

Special thanks to our some of our partner artists:
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Lover of Beasty Baes
Of course, I'm one of the featured artists~. Here is a collage of some of my work--


Lover of Beasty Baes
Here's a WIP for June--

from guest artist @RadioactibeMint

Claim your slots! This one is going fast~


Lover of Beasty Baes
Heres another WIP for the November YCH--

Not nearly complete, but it's really energetic and fun!