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5/17 Site Attack

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Please make a list telling what will and what will not be lost in the backup restoration, if not everything.


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I was expecting FA data base have a back up similar to RAID 1, aka real time back up. Even if the site is not backed up in real time, 6 days/weekly seemed a bit too long for a website, especially the ones like FA which had been attacked quite often due to it's contents. A daily, bi-daily, or tri-daily back up would sound more reasonable.

raid is not a backup solution, raid is a reliability solution.


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Some people just do this for fun or as a challenge.
Some people want to sell the data, others hate the content so much that they simply want to destroy it.
Some people want to find users to take a ransom from.

The reason of the content deletion is probably just that the attacker(s) wanted to remove as much evidence as possible.
Deleting everything makes finding out what actually happend much harder.

makes me happy I never commisioned anything...means no risk to my back account


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With FA being the largest collection of people in the anthro community and well, the nature of the fandom and how a bunch of people don't like said nature, something like this tends to happen pretty often.

RestrainedRaptor brings up a great point though, with the 'upgrade' by IMVU, there ought to be better cyber attack protection. Hopefully you guys and gals can strengthen FA's protection in the future because I'm sure there's quite a few folks who depend on the site for a secondary or even primary source of income.

Anyhow, thanks for keeping us all in the know, here's hopin the downtime won't be too long!


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Yikes! This really sucks. But guys, you can't predict every little thing that's gonna happen. There's no way anyone could've predicted this.

I'll never understand why people do this sort of thing. You gain nothing.


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If any artists still communicate with clients via FA: don’t do that I don’t feel very sorry for them. This has happened countless times.


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I don;t get it...whats the motivation? Its clearly not cash otherwise they would have demanded a ransom or something. Why would they devite time to fucking with your website? Its stupid AND cruel to the users.
Sometimes they do it just because they have nothing better to do with their lives.


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Sometimes they do it just because they have nothing better to do with their lives.
like how dillon the hacker constantly claims to hack youtubers when he is clearly a moron who is desperately in need of a taste of chaos magic?
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