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5/17 Site Attack

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Yeah. Unfortunately FA's code isn't really up to snuff, but any site can be hacked. I bet if they were persistent enough people would eventually find a crack in Google's code too.


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Yeah, I suppose you're right.

And, I think of it more like an endless amount of softness to snuggle. And you'll never be far away from those you love. Yes I'm a hopeless romantic...
Haha, I guess that's one way to look at it.
I just see little to no reason in picking faults with a fandom when I can't relate to it.


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Speaking as a human, and not a fur, I don't consider myself to be evil. I've supported, the best ways I've known how, the Fur Community [ever] since I found out about it so many years ago. My best friends are Furs. Why does everyone group everyone in a single group [alltogether]?

I have an idea. Why don't we group people as 'People who are EVIL and People who are GOOD?' Then, we don't need to worry about them being 'Human', Fur, Baby Fur, AB/DL or whatever.

Don't buy into the stereotype, and don't help to perpetuate it.
Though way off topic, and the topic this spawned from of speculating motive and whodunit is frivolous at best:

Righteousness or lack of it be it by groups or individuals not a universally held matter of absolute fact. As an example, I am among those who believe in the doctrine of total depravity.

From the mortal, temporal perspective, yes hasty generalization is a thing that exists, but there are groups of people who do little more than harm and ought to be shunned. Anyone who fervently sides with, say, the worst of Camp Trumpidians, or anyone who insists at length that such and such destructive value set holders are all "about ethics in games journalism," or anyone who takes the gossip twistings of the likes of Encyclopedia Dramatica as things to fap their outrage boners and publicly ejaculate their false indignation over, are generally not the kinds of people worth listening to at minimum.

"They have all turned aside; together they have become corrupt; there is none who does good, not even one."
"So He said to him, 'Why do you call Me good? No one is good but One, that is, God.'"

or to quote Rosaria Butterfield in Openness Unhindered (which I have not finished reading yet)
Total depravity does not mean that we always do the very worst thing that we can do, or always sin in the biggest way possible, or that we are as bad as we can possibly be. Rather, it means that, because sin extends to every part of our body, being, and soul, we are totally unable to save ourselves from this predicament. Daily, we add to our inheritance in Adam by committing sins against God and our friends. It means that the best of our intentions fail us, and, even after conversion, indwelling sin holds the power of manipulation. Time and time again.


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Any updates yet? Like, what's the progress being made?
Most recent update:


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Oh... adblocker. Some pages I can't even load without it because it loads all the ads before the content and everything is slow as dial-up. Luckily FA and these forums aren't one of them.
One of my biggest block sites is YouTube, they try to make profit off of ads, adblock counts over 200 per page (note: adblock also blocks "tracking" stuff where your browsing information is "anonymously" monitored to "help improve your browsing experience").
I also recommend using Ghostery. I use it and AdBlock Plus together, and my browser has pretty much stopped crashing on every other page load.


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I wouldnt say that the site's code would have an impact on network-based DDoS attacks. Usually, that comes from improperly configured firewalls/IPS/routers which is more likely the ISP's job to fix.
Well I'm not expert on the matter, so saying "all" was probably a bit of a far fetch.
But you have to admit that more often than not, it's usually FA skimping on improving things that usually leads to these problems.


How do you prevent a DDoS, just curious?

Use a "reverse proxy", or in other words, a proxy that takes in all incoming requests for FurAffinity, analyses the traffic, and then passes it onto the server. FA alread does this however, through CloudFlare.

But this is not an iron-clad solution. Hackers always find ways around security measures eventually


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When will FA return from the war ..... how will I procrastinate now?! (by reading the repleis to this thread, aparrently ... heh)
It's not coming back... and it probably won't be coming back anytime soon. I'm guessing a week at minimum, and worst case scenario, 3 months. If I were you, I'd find your furfriends Skype information right away, cause you're not going to be seeing FA for a LONG TIME... Sorry to be blunt...


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The attacks all happen because of poor coding, no matter what the nature of the attack is.
DDoS attacks are not the result of bad coding, plenty aren't. Many vulnerabilities are the result of code other people have developed, the source code leak for example was the result of a vulnerability with ImageMagick, which FA patched quickly. Yeah their code base is still probably full of holes but a DDoS doesn't work by exploiting a vulernability. A DDoS works by flooding the target with bogus requests, the only way to deal with that is actively sit there blocking addresses sending the bogus requests, wait several seconds before getting into the site like with Facepunch, or spend a ton of money upgrading server and network infrastructure and buying better internet.


A polished turd.
It's not coming back... and it probably won't be coming back anytime soon. I'm guessing a week at minimum, and worst case scenario, 3 months. If I were you, I'd find your furfriends Skype information right away, cause you're not going to be seeing FA for a LONG TIME... Sorry to be blunt...
That's a bit overly cynical, don't you think?
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