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5/17 Site Attack

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Its up.

Gonna make a quick sweep and then change my password, then get off so I become a -1 on the server capacity toll.


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Holy moly look at this mess.


my notifications say 40 submissions and 1 comment but it's all empty, i assume this happened when it was brought back up, how do i fix this?


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With the site now back up (still some catching up to do to make sure things are fully recovered), I'm going to close this thread. The announcement journal (if you're not following Fender) can be found here: Site Outage Information & Updates -- Fender's Journal -- Fur Affinity [dot] net

The journal not only covers the relaunch, but a timeline of events, projections for any bugs this may have caused, and also the suggestion to site users to change their passwords if they wish. As more developments occur they will be released.
Not open for further replies.