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5/17 Site Attack

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So, how about them books? My mom got me the Night Angel series 3-in-1, and I'm halfway through it. Waiting on the next installment of Sholan Alliance, and I need to pick Honor Harrington back up.


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I played in the early closed Beta.. Took like 6 hours to download on my crapola laptop, and it was very, very bugged, hee hee. The first quest that required players to work as a group didn't work. Haven't tried it since then, but it sounds like it's improved
heh,...I remember that. Was total mayhem...I loved every minute.


The thing is, the hacker may have already deleted his trail. It would be very difficult to find him at this rate.
Even if there's a chance of that being true, there's no reason to let it go unreported. By not even trying, you let criminals continue their behavior because they have the security of thinking that no one would report them.


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See, guys? I'm not a total ass like I "was" back in 2011, I'm actually pulling for all of you, cause I know what it's like. Trust me, this bunny's your best friend! X3


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On doing full database backups, depending on what SQL server you are using, you may be able to do an incremental backup of the database. *BUT* that assumes you're using MySQL and can run Percona to do the backups. Plus, Percona locks the tables, so you may be scheduling a regular Read-Only for the backups *IF* they are quick enough.

If they're not, and you're running MySQL, there's a tool called DRBD that can replicate a partition that contains a MySQL database to a second server. At night, break the DRBD link, mount the partition on the secondary server, backup the MySQL DB files, unmount, start DRBD back up again, and let it sync back up.

If you're using PostgreSQL, you got some research to do!


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Right. Not entirely surprised.

Hopefully everyone remembered to bring a towel, or at least had the sense enough to keep anything related to their businesses that they were running through their FA accounts in another off-site location to minimize impact.
If that didn't happen...

  1. If you don't have at least two backups, it's clearly not that important to you. Get into the practice of backing up important things. Client information is important, no?
  2. Back up client contact and supplied information offsite in a couple of different places, minimum. You never know when something is going to go down. Having that backup means that you can keep working in the event that either your ability to get online is compromised (if you backed up locally), or the site you use (ANY SITE) goes down for an extended period. Make a habit of doing this, and do so immediately when FA comes back up.
In the interim, sit back, and if you're about to fret, don't fret. Learn from this, and find something else to do in the interim. Look at other stuff on the internet, go watch a movie, play a video game, hug your other half, something. :)
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