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Hiring: (5-25 USD budget) LF Artists who draw anthro males very good and have angry/angsty examples


It has been super difficult finding artists who have open commissions AND draw males extremely well.
I have canine characters, nothing super complicated in terms of design.
If you have pieces that portray anger/rage, bad boys (not the impress ladies type i mean like actual bad kids), >:D kinda thing.

looking to get simple half/full body but if you have busts or headshots I'd like to see those too.

If you can draw the snoot of an American Akita (minus all the droopy lip) without being too wide, and a German Shepard's snoot that would be awesome.

These are lean muscle and skinny characters but they're not underweight looking.

If you have a complete commission sheet/list please list that first then any specific examples


I have PayPal


Hi there! I am a digital artist who specializes in realistic animal drawings.
I know most people are after cartoon styled drawings, but I thought I'd comment anyway just to give you the option.
I do realistic animal head/bust drawings for $15 usd, and half body for $25.
Though I haven't drawn angry characters in the past, I have drawn others.
proof 1.png Godzilla.png
Btw these are both my drawings - the watermark is different because I used two different platforms with these commissions :)


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I'd love to give that a shot :3



Any Style Line Art
(Prices are per character. Can do groups.)

Head Shot $9
Bust Up $10
Waist Up $11
Knees Up $ 12
Full Body $13
+$5 background


Any Style Full Colored
(Prices are per character. Can do groups.)

Head Shot $11
Bust Up $12
Waist Up $13
Knees Up $ 14
Full Body $15
+$8 background


Sticker Pack
(For telegram or for printing)

1 Piece $13
5 Pieces $50
10 Pieces $95


Flat Colored Ref Sheets
Minimum: 1 Front & 1 Back

Front $13
Back and Tail +$11
Headshot +$9 each


PSD Dress Up Doll
Sample: www.furaffinity.net: Digital Dress Up Doll Commission for Redshadowlight by JerCorgi

Chibi Character (With 1 complete outfit - 1 top, 1 bottom, 1 hair accessory, 1 hand-held accessory) $14
Simple Character (With 1 complete outfit - 1 top, 1 bottom, 1 hair accessory, 1 hand-held accessory) $15
Detailed Character (With 1 complete outfit - 1 top, 1 bottom, 1 hair accessory, 1 hand-held accessory) $16
Additional Clothes (1 top & 1 bottom, or 1 dress, or 1 bikini/underwear) +$1 each
Additional Hand-held accessories +$1 each
Additional Hair accessories (2 pieces) +$1
Additional Wig/Hairstyle +$2 each
Additional Facial Expressions +$2 each
*Up to 3 color variations per outfit/item is FREE
Dress up doll commission includes
-A PSD file containing the doll and all clothing items.
*Simply click the layer visibility (the eye icon on photoshop) to mix and match tops, bottoms, underwear, accessories, and hand-held items!
*Drag and drop any background into the file for your fursona to travel anywhere!
-FA Icon (the doll headshot cropped)
-PNG file of your character
-PNG file of your character with their new wardrobe laid out


Adopt Bids
(Prices may vary)
SB $15
Min +$5
AB $40


YCH Bids and YCH Fixed
(Prices may vary)


Indie Game Artist / Telegram: vinfang


commission artist
i haven't been asked to draw this kind of thing in my normal style, but i have been in my toony style:

my regular stuff is more like this:

prices per character
15$ - Simple [like an eye blink type simple]
Bribe Me ($30+) - Complex

Busts [shoulder/collarbone and up];
5$ - line art
10$ - flat color
15$ - colored and shaded

Half Bodies;
$10 - lines
$15 - flat color
$20 - shading

Full bodies;
20$ - lines
25$ - flat color
30$ - colored & shaded (or ask me about the 'extreme light shading' which is 23$ -the example i have is now a broken link and i dont remember where i saved it)

A whole character sheet is $45 because it is 2 full bodies [front and back] and a headshot/bust


Hey, if you're still looking for an artist, here's my info.
I'm new here and I'm still doing simple stuff. Most of the time I enjoy creating mote masculine characters! ( Sorry I don't have angry expression examples, the one I have is from I commission on the making )



Hello. I will draw a bad guy and a very bad guy. Write to me in PM and we will discuss the conditions.


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