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(Commission) Selling: $5-$40+ -- Including Pay What You Can, Min. $5


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Commissions are open! ♥

For 1 character:

Basic Concept Sketch: $5 (Additional Character +$5)
Clean Lines: $10 (Additional Character +$5)
Flat Colors: $15 (Additional Character +$10)
Full Color with Effects: $20 (Additional Character +$15)
Full Color with Effects and Background: $40 (Additional Character +$25)

PAY WHAT YOU CAN: $5 minimum
Applies to Basic Concept Sketches and Clean Lines & Flat Colored art under the SFW category ONLY.

Turn around time is 2 weeks.

NSFW note: Art must comply with Fur Affinity rules (no violence, etc.). Be clear about what you want, so I know for sure if it's something I'm comfortable with.

Including a picture, but see my instagram for more examples of my art: O Lavender Moon

To order a commission, email me at: OLavenderMoon@gmail.com with:

Your name
Your order details, including character details and scene or scenario

IN ADDITION to art, I also write. If you would like a written scene commissioned, $10 per 500 words, 2000 word maximum, unless otherwise arranged between us.

I use PAYPAL. Pay in advance, once I have an understanding of what you want.

If you have any questions, please email me using the email address I listed above - it's easier to keep track of my messages this way.