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(Commission) Selling: ($5+) $5-8 Cat Beanie Baby-Inspired Chibi YCH!


Cat With A Guitar
Howdy! I've got a cheap YCH up with this little secondary art style I've been messing around with. ^^

They're inspired by cat beanie babies, as I've been collecting them lately and they were my childhood favorite toys <3 Second image is an example, the beanies used are real beanie babies I owned as a kid, based on Amber (I named him Orange Cat) and Prance (I named her Snow Tiger)


They're $5 flat-color, $6 shaded! Line edits are free in small numbers unless complicated (like complicated hairstyles or intricate outfits or markings, or if there's a lot of edits to the point where most of the base is changed) In which they're $1-2 extra depending!

These can have species changes but I won't change things like head-shape to reflect different beanie species, just the nose/ears!

Like this art style but can't afford one? I do have a similar base you can edit yourself (though a simpler pose and a bit rougher as this was my first attempt!): Link


1. PayPal only, payment upfront (if not sent 48 hours after being prompted with no reason given why, I'll assume you lost interest and cancel your slot). I will DM you a paypal.me link when I accept your commission!
2. SFW only/no fetishes
3. Anthro/furry only (ferals can be converted to furry) no humans, flat-snout only
4. Turn-around will be a few days to a week or two depending on queue, you're free to ask for an update but please be polite/reasonable and don't rush me! I'll keep you updated myself if something gets in the way!
5. Up to two per person per slot
6. I may decline if I feel I can't do your character justice or for any other reason!
7. By default, I don't plan to show you sketches as I'm editing a base I already drew, but I can if asked when it comes to line edits
8. These are the main rules, may add more rules at any time. My more detailed TOS is here and anything on this page still applies (though they likely won't come up)

(can be dmed or posted here)

I'd like a Beanie YCH!
Base;; (1 or 2?)
Character Reference;;
Line edits? If So, What?;;



I have other commissions open as well, here's my site: https://tendo-64.wixsite.com/commissions The ordering page is where you'll find the form! Please make sure to read my TOS!

You're more than welcome to post on this thread or DM me (I don't recommend the main site as I'm not too active there)
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