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www.furaffinity.net: 5$ Adopts! Open! by StarryStomps

Set price adopts, 5$ Each, first come, First serve.

Once bought, feel free to do whatever you'd like with them!

Characters can be either male or female, This is up to you! Descriptions are also able to be changed, they are just to peak interest!

Sweet Whiskers- Open.
A sweet little kitty that enjoys catching fish and doodling.

Jolly Warmth- Open
A Bright deer who loves to watch the sunset and catch fireflies.

Candied Pinks- Open
A light lion who loves collecting different candies and sleeps in a lot.

Smores- Open
A cute puppy who loves campfires and clouds!

Midnight Dreams- Open
A sparkly deer who loves to cook and dress up.

Mythical Sakura- Open
A mystical fox who wears a mysterious mask and likes to study trees.

Tasteful Succulents- Open
A cute goat who loves to water plants and collect them.

Punk 'n Funk- Open
A rabbit who loves dancing and going to raves! Her bright colors are reactive to black lights.

Banana Cream- Open
A winged canine/feline who loves to fly about and collects arrows.

Dusty Red- Open
A smart canine who reads books frequently and cooks wonderfully.

(If you cant buy, giving these a small boost in a journal or post will get you a free headshot!)

Base By: SillySinz


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