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5 Chibi Charr

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Stoopid Scalebutt
I really want a new background for my GW2 tumblr, and I'd ideally like to have is a chibi of each of my characters (All are charr) drawn in a style that suits their personality. By taking on the commission you will also be giving me permission to use the image on my GW2 Tumblr. No profit or anything will be made from it, and credit will be given.

This means I'm looking for 5 chibis from 5 artists. Everyone saying 'per character' or making group discounts is just going to be ignored. I am only buying ONE CHIBI PER ARTIST (This may seem like a non-issue, but if you can't read this post then it sort of proves that you aren't going to read what I want from you, and I'd like 5 good artists who can read, because the references I have of the characters are only screenshots and there will be text with that for what the character is like and any OC additions to the in-game character)

Budget is $18 a chibi maximum, might be able to push it to 20 but that's only a might.
I will be choosing who to commission once I'm paid (Which is one of the next two Fridays, I should really keep track xD) and there isn't really a time I need them for but within a month of me paying would be most excellent.

The characters are;
Xyx Blackmantra (Ranger) - The 'boss' of the lot, a bit silly.
Rayin Silverzeal (Mesmer) - Angry, ferocious, a true fighter.
Ches The Stabby (Thief) - Reserved, always has her face hidden, likes to keep away from the others.
Truxton Catyuun (Guardian) - Much like Truxton Dogyuun. I'd like someone who knows who that is for him.
Emoticon Blenderfur (Engineer) - Emoticon. As a charr. I'd like someone who knows who that is for him.

Please do not PM/note me. This will get you ignored and reported. Only replies on this thread will be read.
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I could do a digital chibi like this for $12.



The Floofiest Fox
All my chibis are $10 and under, listed from least expensive to most expensive. I can do line art(Contact me), Flat colour(Contact me), Cell shading($5), Soft shading($7), Digital painting($8 ), and Detailed painting($10). Here are some examples.




(I'm okay with doing cannon characters.)
If you're interested in more information, you can either contact me, or check my website

Skype: djdragondude
email: DJDragonwolf@gmail.com
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Paintbrush Warrior
Hello! I would be willing to work for you at $15 a piece. I have no chibis currently uploaded but I am capable: here are links to two Charr commissions I did in the past on tumblr:

Charr 1

Charr 2

I do digital art as well. You can view much of my work on my tumblr.

My tumblr art tag

If interested, send me a message here.
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*squeak squeak squeak*
My chibis are $6
I do various styles:


I give discounts based on how many chibis you buy.
If you buy 4 you get one free.
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Stoopid Scalebutt
It's pretty obvious a lot of people didn't read the first post, so I'll just point out again:

I am buying 5 chibis from 5 artists

So making group discounts/saying per character is just wasting your time. I'd rather spend more money on an artist who pays attention to what the customer wants than less on one who doesn't.
Also I need to know if you know of the last two's cannon characters. If you don't you don't have to say anything, if you do you gain an extra 2 chances of being picked.

(Sorry if I seem grumpy, in a bad mood today. I assure you I'm nothing like this when actually buying the art, I've been told I'm a few people's best commissioner, so don't be scared off xD)
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Dear Tuss/Vulture-Face;
I actually found you on deviantart a few days ago, and then again right here!

I'd be willing to do any of the girls, but Xyxle is gorgeous, and I'd love to draw her the most.

Since she's a total babe, I'd be happy doing a chibi of her for $8

Here is a sketch I'm working on for someone else, and some older examples here.

I can also do chibis similar to this, but that is not my own work.
(All of mine are stuck on a broken laptop)

Those cost $11. ^^

Please let me know by noting me on dA;
or by emailing me at artists4rescues@gmail.com

I have also sent this to you on dA. :)


Stoopid Scalebutt
For Eris' name people, read the first post. (Thankyou very much to those who have. You have my gratitude and my interest. It's gonna be a hard choice when I get my money through XD Still no one to draw the LapCharr, which is a bit of a pain, but I can look elsewhere for that if no one pops their heads up and offers before I get paid, I guess.)

There. Added it in bold, underlined, hopefully that will make it clear to you :I
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*squeak squeak squeak*
I'm sorry that I mentioned my group discount. I read your post from the very beginning and I know that you want a different artist for each Charr, but I always offer a discount for multiple purchases, and I always mention it to potential customers. I really hope you won't just ignore me because of that. >n<''
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